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I hope no one I know reads this. if you do read it please dont trace it back to me. I mean, i do want people to read this. but the real life around me is thorny. online anonymity is a bliss.

One has to work really hard to know many things in life. Nothing is what it seems. Eyes are open but you dont see. If you see you dont trust. if you trust, your trust is not rewarded. you know its a game but you dont want to admit. its much easier to sulk and run away from the game, run away from life, just because you lost once.

one has to work hard to know the world out there. one has to work hard to know the world in here. one has to work hard to get to the point where one is humble enough to say: there is so much more to know. it will be uncomfortable but it has to be uncovered.


one has to work hard to know one's own dreams. one has to have courage to protect one's own dreams.


beautiful things are worth fighting for.

music. paintings. books. films. ideas. compassion. poems. stories. thoughts.


things that may not amount to money. better house, clothes, food.

but they are part of the mystery called life.

life is better if we stick up for these. These and many more unnamed ugly ducklings neglected orphans. many which died without their story recorded.

If you've read so far, then know this: I am doing a "degree" in English literature which has nothing in it for the lover of english language or literature. teachers can be knowledge's worst enemies. teachers so hell bent on keeping you ignorant and down. education is this ugly machine of enslaving young minds to ignorance and corruption.


one seeks a little corner in the universe where words and stories that matter could be stored.